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Home School with Dosta, All the things you should have learnt in School – but never had the chance – This is your chance!

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These lessons drawn upon the worlds of Positive Psychology, Motivational Psychology, Religion, Philosophy and Developmental Psychology.

This course helps clarify, within yourself, how your mind works, how your actions shape the direction of your life and how you grow in a deeper understanding of what you are.

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Take the next step on the path of knowledge. Open your mind to a new perspective, ideas and a vision of the bigger picture. Connect with a new form of insight, a wisdom that is nested in honest expression. This course gives birth to the higher intelligence within you.

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The views and opinions expressed in this content is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The content creator, and where applicable their associates, does not take any responsibility for the implementations of the teachings and/or techniques discussed herein. No warranty is given. This content is not intended as psychological advice, relationship advice, financial advice, medical advice or as any other kind of advice or consulting. The content creator will not be held liable for any reactions that may come from listening to these teachings. If the student is so inclined, they may seek professional help that is individually suited to their own specific situation.

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