Hip hop Dance, Salsa Dance, Educational Cartoons for Kids.


Hip hop Dance, Salsa Dance, Educational Cartoons for Kids. Hip-Hop, Salsa, Samba, Swing, and House Dances Designed Specifically for Children Ages 4 to 12! Dance for children.

Course Description

Dance into a world of fun and learning with Flips Show! Our innovative course of 50 dance lessons, featuring the energetic little fox Flips, will inspire your kids to move and groove while developing important skills. Each lesson is expertly crafted to improve motor skills, enhance body awareness, and boost self-esteem, all in a playful and engaging environment.

With our unique approach, complicated routines are broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps that build upon each other. Your child will have a blast copying Flips’ joyous movements and be encouraged by his cheerful cartoon voice. The result is a well-rounded, confident child who loves to dance and move.

At Flips Show, we understand the importance of providing a healthy and fun learning environment for kids. That’s why our courses are designed specifically for parents who want the best for their children. Join us for a dance adventure and watch your child thrive in the world of dance!

Join the dance party with Flips Show! Our video tutorials are filled with 3 to 6 exciting dance routines and movements that will have your kids moving and grooving in no time. With each video featuring variations of the same moves, your child will easily memorize and perfect them through repetition.

At Flips Show, our goal is to bring confidence, fun, and joy into your child’s life through dance. Our lively little fox Flips will lead the way, making it easy and enjoyable for kids to pick up the moves. No more forcing your child to memorize, they will be eager to dance along with Flips on the TV screen or PC display.

Let’s get moving and spread the joy of dance with Flips Show! We hope you and your child will enjoy our efforts and make lasting memories through dance.

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