Help! Parenting Solutions For Modern Problems


Help! Parenting Solutions For Modern Problems, Modern parenting is not as difficult as it seems.

This course will help you feel confident in parenting by offering concrete support on how to merge traditional parenting techniques with modern parenting methods. Throughout the course, parents will receive information on basic child developmental expectations, effective rewards, and consequences, the reasoning for common behaviors and power struggles, as well as step-by-step solutions for common parenting concerns. The components of this course are meant to be thought-provoking and give a springboard from which parents can ask deeper questions or actively move forward.

By the end of this course, parents should feel they are able to create the framework necessary to exercise parental control without making unreasonable demands. Parents should have a solid base set of tools to make necessary changes regarding negative behaviors many of today’s youth exhibit.  Finally, parents should develop a deeper understanding of the modern parenting vocabulary and the terms currently used to describe different parenting techniques.

Throughout this course, students are encouraged to communicate with the instructor to ask specific questions and openly discuss specific concerns that may be outside of the scope set in this course.

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