Helicopter Flying – Basics and Normal Procedures


Helicopter Flying – Basics and Normal Procedures, Learn the basics of helicopter flight in the comfort of your home!

Course Description

Thinking about taking helicopter lessons? Or maybe you are sure you want to learn how to fly a helicopter but it simply exceeds your budget? I will show you the basics of helicopter flight using a flight simulator for your home computer – you will learn how to hover a helicopter, takeoff and land. It’s all about content, so in each lesson (except the one “joyflight”) I will explain concepts and take you through the respective topic or maneuver step by step.

The training may take place in a simulator, but I am using real-world procedures on the Robinson R44 helicopter, using all the knowledge I gained during my real helicopter flight training and my flight instructor experience. If you are a helicopter student pilot you can also use this course to improve your skills.

The helicopter used for most of the training is a basic one, a Robinson R44. This is a helicopter that is used in real-world basic flight training and the aircraft I have my actual flying experience in. I think it does not make any sense learning the basics of flight in an advanced, complex helicopter.

Flight simulator used: X-Plane

Sceneries: Quatam River, Allan Burrows, Kodiak Island, Innsbruck, Vöslau

Images and additional PDF resources are from the FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook (Public Domain)

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