Health Happy and Wise Introductory Course


Health Happy and Wise Introductory Course, Learn about the 6 keys to living your best life; Manage Stress, Happiness, Movement, Nutrition, Attitude and Sleep.

Course Description

This free introductory course is a taster session for The Healthy Happy and Wise programme, which is designed to help you to live the best life you can for as long as you can.

It helps you build resilience and teaches you ways to cope with the challenges that life inevitably throws upon us.

It is ‘person centred’ rather than ‘disease centred’ and is based upon the premise that the mind and body are interconnected and not separate entities. We call this Mind Body Medicine.
Your instructor is Dr Sheila Popert, a Palliative Medicine Consultant with over 30 years’ experience of helping people manage pain and other symptoms without always relying on drugs. In this free introductory course, you will find out about the Six Keys to becoming Healthy, Happy and Wise and 5 techniques to improve your handle on each one; Managing Stress, Happiness, Movement, Attitude, Nutrition and Sleep.

There is about 1 hour of video content. The 15 video lectures are all 2 to 4 minutes long, you can choose to watch them at your own pace, one or two at a time, or all in one sitting. You will derive the most benefit if you pick some of the techniques to practice daily.

The course finishes with a 12-minute guided relaxation, narrated by David Attenborough.
I hope you enjoy it.

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