Google Flutter Dart: build app for Android and iOS


Google Flutter Dart: build app for Android and iOS, Develop a Flutter App using GoRouter and Provider from the Dart language, learn to use http lib and AppLocalization.

Course Description

During this course, we will develop an Flutter application that will display photos taken by the rovers on Mars using Android Studio.

This app will use all the latest Flutter technologies and Framework:

  • GoRouter (to navigate between screen)
  • Provider (to mange data)
  • http (REST client)
  • Future (To create asynchronous tasks)

With this example, you should be able to create an Android and iOS App to the industry standard.

We will use an architecture to separate the ui layer from the data layers. This will make the code easy to read and easy to maintain.

Your productivity will be improve as Flutter is easier to write and reuse.

You will improve your knowledge of Dart. If you use other language like Java, Kotlin or Swift this is a opportunity to learn.

Flutter is used to create mobile application for both Android and iOS. Therefore your productivity will be increased as you can have a single code base for both platforms.

In this mobile app we will use components from Materal:

  • Card
  • ListView
  • Column
  • Text
  • Image
  • SizedBox
  • Scaffold
  • Padding

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your mobile developer career buy taking this course “Google Flutter Dart: build app for Android and iOS”.

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