Global Economics – How to Protect Your Finance!


Global Economics – How to Protect Your Finance! Everything about economics, inflation, how to protect your finances, the market, and more.

Global Economics For Beginners – Everything about economics, the market, money, and more.

Do financial worries make you nervous or cause you to lose sleep?

Do you worry about how you’re going to pay your bills?

Would you like to understand more about the economy?

My name is Melina and today I want to talk about my new course in the economy.

This course will teach you what the economy is and how to keep track of what you spend and what you get as value.

After taking this course you will understand about recession, inflation, bear market, bull market, Types of economic systems, how to protect your finances, and more.

You will find objectives and lessons about several topics:

Terms and definitions related to economics that everyone should know.

What is an economy? A brief summary.

Types of economic systems.

How does an economy form?

The impacts of an economy.

What is inflation and how does it affect the economy?

Are Wars Good for the Economy?

Why are we scared of a Recession?

Seven ways you can financially prepare for a recession.

Bulls Market versus Bears Market.

and much more.

So do not hesitate – gain gold skills in personal finance and economy.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course.

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