Games in Scratch #3: Train station


Games in Scratch #3: Train station, Creating Train passenger station game with clones, “my blocks”, conditional statements in Scratch (Medium level).

Course Description

In this course we will create game “Train station” in the Scratch programming language. We will learn by doing!

Difficulty level of this course: easy \ medium \ hard

Who is this course suitable for:

  • Teachers and parents who want to keep their children busy
  • Children and teenagers with with strong knowledge of Scratch

The course also contains theoretical explanations, but most of the course is practical. We will repeat or learn such areas as:

  • working with variables: what it is and why they are needed;
  • using variables as indicators of some events;
  • creating sprite clones: how to manage hundreds of clones at a time;
  • what is the purpose of “My blocks” and how it can help us to ease game logic.

The plot of the game:

  • we have 1 train station with 2 tracks on it;
  • we have 5 “lines” of the train – they have different colors. By clicking keys from 1 to 5 we can call a train to free track. If tracks are occupied, user’s call will be ignored;
  • there is also Cargo train. It occupies any track occasionally in order to bring some mess our gameplay;
  • there are 5 types of passengers appear on the station. They can be collected only if they find a train with appropriate color on any track;
  • game ends if we serve 1000 passengers – in this case user win. Player lose if we reach 250 passengers located on the station simultaneously.

I recommend that students simply repeat all the steps from the video, so at the end of the course they will have their own game, which they will be able to navigate and then be able to independently make some changes and expand the game at their own discretion. At the end of the course, materials with source codes for all sprites are provided – using them you can check whether the game is made correctly and fix any non-working parts.

Note: Those who under 18 years old may use this course only if a parent or guardian provides their account and controls all key activities while using the account.

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