FREE Q&A With Dr Darren Wayne aka The Food Guru


FREE Q&A With Dr Darren Wayne aka The Food Guru, The Most Common Food Questions Finally Answered (FREE COURSE FOR A LIMITED TIME).

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Our world is full of lies and half-truths, which means no one ever receives the answer they need to achieve real health! Finally hear the answer to some of the most common food questions, directly from The Food Guru himself! For example, can you exercise away junk food? can you wash off pesticides? does counting calories really help you lose weight? and more. And you will receive all this truth for free! But only for a limited time OR until someone deems it too controversial. You could graduate from 100 Universities and still never learn the truth about what you eat every day or even what causes disease in the first place, besides ‘climate change’ or ‘your genes’ of course. There is a real reason why no matter how healthy you think you eat and drink every day, you still cannot reach all your health goals. The Food Guru has been a Food Scientist for the last 30 years and is not on anyone’s payroll! It’s time you know the truth once and for all, so you can finally start growing stronger and healthier every day. This controversial free course is only about 30 minutes, but contains more truth than most universities.

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