Free insider tips for a successful film production


Free insider tips for successful film production, The three phases of film production for paid assignments.

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Because I want this world to finally get really awesome movie results again, I’m offering you this master class for free! Are you already using the DaVinci Resolve program? Do you already have the mindset to just start? Then all you need is your Udemy app and note-taking tools. Because this teaching unit starts at the very beginning and shows you with simple mnemonics what is necessary for successful production: Because it is not what you earn that is decisive, but what is left in your company!

Do you want a Hollywood look for your films without having to spend a lot of bucks? Do you want happy customers who book you again and again? In this master class on film production you will get a complete overview from the perspective of a producer of four processes: the preliminary talks, the pre-production, the production and the post-production. What are the typical mistakes I made and how do I stop making them? Another secret awaits you in this training course: not only how much money you earn is decisive, but how much bucks you keep with you.

That is why the preliminary talks are so crucial. Although they don’t make money, they are significantly cheaper than if there are unnecessary discussions during production, bad reviews of your company or even a lost customer.

In pre-production, I go into detail about everything that needs to be planned. For example in location scouting. This is one point where novice filmmakers like to save. In my opinion, this is one of the most important parts of the entire pre-production! Another secret: Customers often find it difficult to imagine finished results based on concepts. The one who gives the customer insights through storyboards and co. granted, has a competitive advantage!

In the production, I’ll tell you how easy it is to get a Hollywood look.

In post-production, I go into all the steps that are necessary for a perfect result and where the traps that can end up costing you a lot of time, money and nerves.


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