FREE Emotional Development for Engineers and Scrum Masters


FREE Emotional Development for Engineers and Scrum Masters, Learn to work with your emotions so they help you instead of hurt you.

Course Description

“I just finished watching your class for emotional development for engineers and Scrum Masters. Thank you so much for making this video to help improve emotional development for introverts like us.” – Marcos Jaramillo, Engineering Manager

Emotions – and my inability to deal with them – have cost me millions of dollars. They have destroyed business relationships, caused physical problems, and hurt friendships.

As an engineer, I thought that everything was about logic: Get the right answer and you win. It has taken me years to understand that is not the way life works.

In this course, I share with you what I have learned about Emotional Development.

  • Why do engineers who do well in school have a hard time at life? (Hint: School has clear goals, activities, and rules. Life does not.)
  • What models of emotional development can help us increase understand ourselves better?
  • What practices can we adopt to move from shame-anger-jealousy to love-joy-peace?

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