Free and low budget resources for Writers & Artisans


Free and low budget resources for Writers & Artisans, What platforms can be used for writing and more.

Course Description

Here are websites, platforms and places which Writers and Artisans can utilize for their projects.

There is a lot of “for writers” niched things out there, but this course is the information base that gives info in the websites and platforms that work and are writer friendly.

Most of these platforms are free. Some of them have paid options. Some of them are low level subscription pay. (Under 10 Euros/Dollars )

The resources where we find the:

  • Spaces to build Platform
  • Where to post writing/Self-Publish it
  • Where to base/post Audiobooks
  • Where to find help and freelancers
  • Where to find freelance jobs (for yourself)/connect to possible co-op options
  • Where to find Literary Agents / Publishing Houses
  • Where to find the right people of Industry for Film adaptation (get feedback on Scripts)
  • Where to post writing with possibilities of adaptation
  • Where to participate in Contests / Residencies /Opportunities
  • How to create finances from writing
  • Copyright and the Scams out there
  • Webnovel ways of things ( I can be your Fan Fiction and I can be your favourite online novel /written & visual <3 )

We face a lot of things with “how to write” and “how to nail amazon algorithms”, all that other bits of helpful information.

But here is what I have found that is FREE or really LOW COST to produce all that one needs for starting own writing, publishing it, self-publishing it, editing it, making it audio option and slapping it out there free, where to use to make it look cool and “sorted” for own self, where to poke for Literary Agents and what REAL places with REAL info is out there.

This whole thing is amassed over the last years through trial and error, as I was scavenging my way to find who is out there helping Indie Authors, Self-Published Authors and what’s out there to help us out for free.

For not all of us got that fat account that can pay thousands for art, editing, production and more.

So this is the case that gives information for those who ain’t got that fat wallet to cover all the maddening expenses for publishing. Or self-publishing. It’s for the case of “I’ll go in these seas myself and win this thing!” situation.

Though for beta readers and trial-run options – creating community, infiltrating one or abusing the mental state of your friends – is what sort of works out for it.

Over all – here is what I discovered over the years, now it’s yours! GOOD LUCK IN THE STORMY SEAS!

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