Formulas and operations on Excel data Part 2/3


Formulas and operations on Excel data Part 2/3, VLOOKUP, SUMIF and data operations.

Course Description

Hi, my name is Bartosz and I’m the author of this course that can be found on udemy and on the Excel BI Academy .com platform. As the founder of Excel BI Academy .com I’ve spent many years in the traditional Excel reporting, using formulas and pivot tables (that I describe in the separate course). I want my Academy students to be well prepared to discover Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI and Excel dashboards. That is why I have consolidated my Excel knowledge into the courses.

This is the second part of the Excel formulas & data operations course. If you want to learn how to use VLOOKUP (and different challenges with using this function), COUNTIF, SUMIF, array formulas and many more, enroll and enjoy. I devoted many years dealing with common Excel challenges. And this course shows you many of my discoveries.

You can find there all the download files and many Do-It-Yourself exercises. At the end of this course, we also start the Excel operations topic, covering filtering and sorting. Because Excel 365 brings some new solutions, I always compare the new functions to the old ones to show you the advantages.

I hope that you will enjoy this course and we will meet at Excel BI Academy .com.

Your next steps can be taken with my POWER course: Power Query, Power Pivot, Data Viz & Power BI – 4in1 POWER at udemy or at my platform Excel BI Academy.

Best regards

Bartosz Czapiewski

Excel BI Academy

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