Forming the tiny habit of exercise


Forming the tiny habit of exercise, Follow along exercises to help boost and develop your strength, fitness and confidence.

Course Description

in this course the intention will be to help the learner who views this content to see a demonstration of how to perform basic exercises as well as get help in forming the tiny habit of engaging in exercise with the help of a timer in the corner of each video.  The exercises that you will see demonstrated to help you build your confidence in performing each exercise will be:



leg raises

leg flutters

ab roller

burpees with modifications

sit ups with and without a stability ball as well as very slow sit ups

resistance band dumbbell curls

crunches and setups on the bosu ball

Australian as well as regular pull ups on parallel bars and a chin up bar

knee lifts

mountain climbers

rows using a resistance band

inchworm exercise

knees to chest

the aim will be to help you in your journey of building your core strength and ability as well as developing the confidence of being fit and healthy. As always, please be very careful and adjust or modify the exercise to your needs, consult an expert before engaging in the exercises and also be sure to stay hydrated and take as many breaks as you need, please be safe.

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