Forget Me Not: Isolation & Safety during Cognitive Decline


Forget Me Not: Isolation & Safety during Cognitive Decline, Viewers will learn about mild cognitive impairment due to alzheimer’s and how occupational therapists can address it.

Course Description

Attendees of this course, that addresses my doctoral capstone experience at Broadlawns Memory Clinic, will learn about the intricacies involved in diagnosing mild cognitive impairment (MCI) attributed to Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, attendees will gain insight into the strategies occupational therapists can employ to navigate the repercussion of cognitive decline, as well as championing for therapy services for individuals upon receiving such a diagnosis.

Mild cognitive impairment is the first stepping stone of the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum, often overlooked or dismissed by individuals who perceive it as typical age-related memory lapses. My firsthand exposure to client testimonies during my capstone precipitated the conceptualization of aiming my project to bolster advocacy for the indispensable role of occupational therapy services for patients living with mild cognitive impairment. My project was designed to disassemble the barriers identified by individuals grappling with mild cognitive impairment, foster safe aging in their preferred environment, and empower primary caregivers with comprehensive knowledge regarding the manifestation and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Viewers will be acquainted with the procedural framework I devised for occupational therapy practitioners to enhance their ability to discern mild cognitive impairment among existing and prospective patients. The protocol will assist in identifying indicators during evaluation and facilitate proficient referrals to advocate for accurate diagnosis from medical doctors. Moreover, in instances where occupational therapists encounter patients already diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, the course will delineate areas to address during intervention, ranging from lifestyle modifications to enhance their present condition, to implementing environmental adaptations geared towards equipping patients and caregivers for the multifaceted journey of the Alzheimer’s disease continuum.

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