Football Analysis: How to Watch a Game of Football


Football Analysis: How to Watch a Game of Football, Analyze a game of football as football analysts do.

Course Description

Have you watched a game of football that seemed boring to you because there were no goals but the commentators or perhaps the people you’re watching the game with were talking about how much is happening on the pitch and how fascinating the game actually is? Would you like to know what they see that you don’t?

After completing this course you will be able to analyze a game of football as football analysts do.

We will break down a game of football into more manageable components and begin understanding them. We will explore different solutions teams employ for these so-called “phases of play”.  We will look into every phase of play and how solutions to each phase look like in different parts of the pitch. Then we will be able to understand what is happening in the game as a whole.

We will also explain the use of stats in football analysis – which points of data to use and what they tell us. Lastly, after being equipped with all this knowledge, we will analyze four modern coaches and their tactics.

This course was aimed at everybody who loves football enough to get into the details. For somebody who wants to work as a football analyst, these represent fundamental concepts of analyzing the game. And for coaches, this knowledge will help you to think of a way to win.

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