Flutter & Dart : The complete beginners guide [2024]


Flutter & Dart : The complete beginners guide [2024], Learn Mobile App Building Step By Step.

Course Description

This app covers Flutter for very beginners to advanced learners. We start from very simple ui like drawing text to complex layout using stack and mixture of column and row widget.

We also built reusable widget to reduce code amount. So at the end of this tutorial you learn how to build simple to complex reusable flutter widgets.

Along with you will master core Dart concept

1. Class

2. Inheritance

3. List

4. Map

5. Method overriding

Along the way, we explained what’s a stateful class and difference between a stateful class and stateless class. We also explained what’s a bottom navigation bar and how to set up screens for bottom navigation bar. Bottom navigation bar mainly involves jumping to different screens and complex layout.

Homepage UI

Homepage UI includes greetings layout, ticket layout, colorful tickets, hotel view with images.

Ticket search

Ticket search UI includes searching tickets UI with upcoming flights.

Ticket UI

Ticket UI involves showing ticket information with bar code. This is beautiful.

Book Ticket

This UI includes information about a certain flight.

Later on, we explained how to work with different colors and separate color in a static file.

The widgets we built in this tutorial

1. reusable style component

2. reusable color pallet

3. reusable column widget

4. reusable layout builder widget

5. reusable column widget

6. reusable row widget

7. reusable ticket widget

After finishing this course, you will have much better understanding how flutter works and you will master app layout building.

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