Five Steps to Activate Your Learning Potential


Five Steps to Activate Your Learning Potential, How to prime your brain for optimal learning?

Course Description

I know you’re ready to learn how to learn and activate your learning potential!

Welcome to this get better at learning foundation workshop. I’m Shan Shan. I’m so excited you are here with me.

You’re investing your time and effort to step into your next level. Only 2% of people will do this, to keep an open mind and seek opportunities to learn and improve. YOU’re a top 2% performer.

In this course, you’ll learn five key elements that will help you prime your brain for optimal learning. Then, when you need to learn something, anything for your work, business, or hobbies, you’ll remember more with less frustration!

These five elements have an easy to remember acronym: LEARN! So you can quickly go through them in your mind without checking your notebook to find a practice to help you.

This course will be delivered to you in five mini sessions. Each session will be five to ten minutes long and introduce one key element.

Take it at your own pace. You can learn a couple of practices in one module, and have a chance to reflect and try them out before moving to another set of learning practices.

You’re ready to get better at learning, learn what you need to learn, and build a life you desire.

Let’s get started.

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