First do no harm; Baroness Cumberledge Report 2020


First do no harm; Baroness Cumberledge Report 2020, The report of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review.

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Hi and welcome. I’m Deborah Casey, a qualified nurse, holistic therapist and alternative medicines practitioner. I am also updating my knowledge in the health and social care arena. I found that the information, I share in this course, to be vital and interesting and so decided to create recordings to share this information with you. To bring this course to you and to retain it’s free accessibility I have produced the ‘First do no harm’ Report into several shorter courses as such this is a wonderful pace to learning – shorter recordings, in shorter courses and retaining fee free lifetime access.

You may be a health or social care professional and will find this course useful to your practice and perhaps help you cover your requirements for continued professional development and to determine your professional practice. You may be someone with caring responsibilities, and you are simply interested in this information. It maybe you or someone you know has personally experienced medical injuries or harms from medicines and devices and seeking this information to help make sense of your circumstances, the report shared is full, well written and produced as a result of a legal and lawful UK government enquiry.

Internationally women began to speak up and out about various harms suffered by medical devices and medicines. Ignored, dismissed and diminished they finally gained public attention. Here in the United Kingdom reporter Kath Sansom got together with other victims of medical harms, created the campaign group ‘Sling the Mesh’ and gained traction in the media and so threw a flood light upon suffering of women in the UK.

Various MP’s backed the ‘Sling the Mesh’ campaign and it was Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, who initiated the public enquiry – Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review. The review team, led by the Right Honourable Baroness Cumberledge, met with harmed patients, manufacturers, big pharma and policy makers and gathered evidence. This evidence led to report, First do no harm.

In this course Deborah has recorded the report, verbatim. This is so that the student will be able to click play and listen. Those students whose first language is not English and those who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, will be able to read along and support their learning.

Disclaimer this course does not provide medical or legal advice or information.

This course builds upon three others:

  1. The NHS Constitution
  2. NHS Complaints Standards
  3. Duty of Candour; guidance

I really hope you find this course informative, useful and so let’s dive in…

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