Excel Functions – The Essential To Know


Excel Functions – The Essential To Know, Know How and When to use Functions in Excel.

Learn How to ——->

– Use Functions: What is the syntax of Functions?

– What Function to use: In general a Function always has the name of what you want to do (U are searching for the maximum amount in a list of data then the Function called Max).

– When and how to use it: What is the purpose of each Function?

The Functions I included here are :

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about all the functions that Excel offers to use, but I tried to show the most used ones and in addition, I tried to add some Features and technics may be useful when you deal with Data.

You will have a lot of practice alongside with the videos, so keep practicing in each session.

You will see :

  • SUM Function.
  • 3D Formulas.
  • MAX & MIN & IF & IFS (the last one available in the new version and the 365 version).
  • The Lookups Functions: LOOKUP & XLOOKUP ( i did not talk about VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP they are old and have a lot of limitations)

I did not include the INDEX & MATCH but I invite you to learn them.

  • How to create a unique list.
  • How to Transpose your data.
  • How to separate a text in a cell into many columns.

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