Ex Partners Relationship Cord Cutting Meditation Course


Ex Partners Relationship Cord Cutting Meditation Course, Sexual health, Relationship building, deep spiritual healing, sacral chakra, sex therapy, energy healing, soulmate.

Course Description

Sexual unions are a blend of energies of masculine and feminine. Most of the time, sexual partners have ties and cords that are unseen in our energy fields. This includes kisses physical touch sexual intercourse wanted or unwanted, with or without consent.

In all kinds of relationships, whether it is casual or serious, there are cords, and energy exchanges in those relationships. There could be hurts, pains, disappointments, and betrayals, they will block your sexual chakras if we do not do any healing from them.

Energy has no physical barrier. Even if you are not around with the person, it does not mean the energetic ties have been cut. We want to disconnect the sexual ties between the connections. Let our sexual energies flow back to balance.

In this course, we will

  • Let go of any unseen sexual ties from ex-lovers
  • cut cords from all toxic relationships
  • Reclaim our boundaries
  • Cut off manipulation or control
  • Healing from sexual traumas
  • heal from abandonment betrayal
  • Release blockages from chakras
  • open to receive love happiness
  • Balance the sexual centers
  • Enjoy sex again
  • and much more

The intention is an important factor affecting the outcome of the meditation. Make sure that your clear intention is to disconnect before you start the meditation. it may take 1-2 weeks for the whole cutting cord effects to take place.

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