Emotional Intelligence- The key to success


Emotional Intelligence- The key to success, Art to master all interactions.

Emotional Intelligence is the key to success.

The intention of the course is to create Emotionally Intelligent Personalities.

The course provides strategies through which you`ll be able to understand & manage:

-Own psychology

-Psychology of others

Health care related examples are used to provide clarity of concepts, however, the techniques are applicable to all professionals of different industries. The learning also has strong application in personal life scenarios

Content includes 8 video lessons & 7 Quiz assessments to reinstate the learning.

Here is a sneak peak in the content:

-Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

-Characteristics of Emotionally Intelligent people

-Testing understanding and learn EI further

-Emotional Intelligence GRID: Let`s learn to apply EI in our lives

-Apply Emotional Intelligence to work and self-development

-Self Awareness and Management using Emotional-Intelligence

-Social Awareness and Management using Emotional-Intelligence

-Emotional Intelligence: The way ahead to mastery

On completion of the course the learner will be able to answer questions like:

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Why the world is now focused on developing Emotional Intelligence?

Advantages of Emotional Intelligence?

Social and professional impact of Emotional Intelligence?

How to channelize our learning to raise our EQ levels

What is Emotional Quotient and how is it linked to Emotional intelligence

The learner will also gain insights into the below strategies:

-Emotional Intelligence GRID to develop EQ

-Self awareness and management

-Social awareness and management

-Developing Social Skills

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