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Elemental Crypto Academy, Understand crypto fundamentals: blockchains, DeFi, staking, passive income, liquidity pools, yield farming, DYOR, etc.

Course Description

By the end of this training:

  1. You will be able to categorize 90% of cryptocurrencies that are being promoted into one of 8 buckets. You will know who the leader in each category is so that you can compare and you’ll be able to use your own judgment about whether it’s worth your time to research further. When someone talks to you about xyz coin you will automatically know which category it belongs to. You will immediately be able to think: “Oh this is this type and it has these characteristics. The leading player is xyz”
  2. You will have the skills to make informed decisions and navigate crypto. You will grasp the technology and understand the overall crypto ecosystem. You will understand words like layers 1, layer 2, decentralized finance, NFTs, yield farming, DEX, passive income, mining, and stablecoin. You will become familiar with some of the most important coins and tokens. You’ll come to appreciate the innovation in the space and understand why people in this industry are so excited about it. Finally, you will learn basic concepts such as how wallets, blockchains, exchanges, and security work in crypto.
  3. You’ll be able to hold an intelligent conversation about crypto and have an opinion about where things are going for specific categories. You will no longer feel dumb when discussing crypto with others.
  4. You will be able to interpret a Tweet or a video about crypto. You will understand the vocabulary and acronyms the person is using.
  5. You know how everyone ends their videos with “This is not financial advice and do your own research”? I will show you how to research a coin and framework that you can use to take a stance. I will also share with you some valuation methodologies.
  6. Do you get overwhelmed by the sheer number of coins and tokens that people are talking about? You will be able to contain the fear of missing out and will be less overwhelmed by the volume of comments because I will show you how influencers operate, what you need to keep from them, and what to discard.
  7. You will understand how to earn passive income in crypto. You will learn how to earn a return on your crypto and distinguish overhyped projects from ones that have better fundamentals.
  8. This is not a trading course but I will teach you some basics about investing and some key aspects of trading. This will give you a beginner’s foothold and help you avoid losing money but I will also point you to resources where you can learn these skills better.
  9. You will understand the risks and learn how not to lose your money and gamble it away.

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