Economics and Horses, Sunshine and Summer


Economics and Horses, Sunshine and Summer, Three Economics seminars – learn from these!.

Course Description

In the Spring/Summer of 2024 a unique series of seminars was held in Oxford UK. The attending group of students were split into three groups and each group was given a topic seemingly unrelated to Economics. Their task was to devise a short talk using the topic as a prompt, on the theme of Economics.

These talks were NOT filmed but some notes were taken and this course is the result of this note-taking.

The purpose is to show how many many seemingly not-related-to-Economics topics can be taken and with careful application be developed into a short talk whereby economics may be learned.

The topics here are:


  • Economic perspectives of the Equine Industry
  • Economic impact of horse tourism
  • Summer dnamics in the Equine industry
  • Supply chain and price fluctuations
  • Policy and Economic planning
  • Future outlook and opportunities


  • The sunny side of Economics:
  • The psychology of sunshine
  • Productivity and labour markets
  • Energy consumption and costs
  • Agricultural economics
  • Tourism and leisure industries
  • Implications for Policy and planning

Economic benefits of sunshine:

  • Promotion of solar energy
  • Urban planning and infrastructure
  • Tourism development
  • Agricultural policies
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Educational programs
  • Regulatory frameworks

Embracing summer:

  • The magic of summer sunshine
  • Summer and community life
  • The season of growth and renewal
  • Educational opportunities
  • Challenges and considerations
  • Consumer behaviour in summer
  • Seasonal employment opportunities
  • Agricultural economic impact
  • Energy consumption and economics
  • Tourism and local economies
  • Challenges and economic strategies

As you can see – quite a few topics in a short space of time!

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