Drop Caps Typography Master Class TM


Drop Caps Typography Master Class TM, With a Case Study and Case Method.

About the Master Class:

This course teaches about typeface design, particularly for people who are starting up with typeface design grooming as young graphic designers and product designs. Teaches the form of real-time case studies using logo analysis using drop caps using architecture and expressions and using unconventional mediums. One can learn about the attributes and technicalities of typeface designs particularly pretending to be lettering spacing KERNING, lettering, etc.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. Students can learn about end-to-end typography technical attributes such as spacing lettering, KERNING Etc.
  2. Also with real-time case studies and examples of logos how the typefaces have been studied, how is that in colors typefaces and graphic elements can contribute meaning to the context.
  3. Also, a student can learn about unconventional typefaces and how to use them to their advantage to learn how to construct their own type and face its difficulties and pain points in detail and also a classroom project shared via that.
  4. Also, the student will learn about how to extract expressions from an architect or personality for creating their own typefaces and posters to create that same team in their work, let’s say their architecture, their personal attributes, their characters, the dressing attire et cetera.
  5. Also, the importance of drop caps has been expressed and the benefits of using drop caps have been discussed in detail starting from the engagement of the user staying relevant to the context of choosing and beautifying the editorial text making boring paragraphs into interesting picture elements.
  6. Also one will learn about how certain typefaces such as sanseriff, serif, Futura have been studied and used practically for making the context suitable.

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