Drone Flight Planning 101


Drone Flight Planning 101, Plan a legal drone mission for any purpose using the correct standards and the appropriate drone flight parameters.

Course Description

Learn to plan your drone missions properly – not the way schools teach and not the way that you might think.

This course teaches you everything that proper flight planning entails: how to find legal documents, where to learn about regulations, how to read aeronautical charts, and even more. In this course, we dive into everything to do with drone planning that you could possibly imagine, right down to the very basics.

Some of the topics that will be looked at include technical drone information, aviation documentation, air law, airspaces, aeronautical charts, risk assessment, emergency response, and so much more – and it’s done to an international standard.

My name is Josh. I am an internationally accredited, CAA approved Drone Operator and Instructor. Having worked in the industry for over 4 years, going through various training and examination procedures, I know what information is lacking in the industry and I know that it’s the most important information for overall drone operation. It is also worth mentioning that my ratings come from the South African CAA, which is the highest rated drone pilot license in the world, and I am the known South African drone instructor.

If you want to plan a drone mission safely and efficiently, do this course. If you want to protect yourself and your team from the law, do this course. If you want to prevent drone accidents and fly with confidence, do. this. course. Bottom line, if you fly drones, you should do this course. Give me your money 🙂 and complete this course 😉

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