Drone Flight Planning 101 – A Checklist Guide!


Drone Flight Planning 101 – A Checklist Guide! Plan a responsible drone mission using the all the detailed checklists provided within this course!

Course Description

Learn how to plan your drone missions to the best of your abilities, using the checklists and knowledge shared in this course!

Our first course was all about understanding drones and drone flight planning. This second course is all-encompassing of said drone flight planning. It includes detailed video examples of how to use the checklists provided, and where to get the information needed for these checklists.

If you are always stressing about doing the best flight planning job possible, but you get easily overwhelmed at the vastness that is drone flight planning, this course takes all that vastness and sums it up for you in a neat little single-document Excel Spreadsheet! That’s right, no more late night planning before your exams, and no more stressing about CAA regulations!

This course, through it’s many layers of checklists, will teach you how to plan for past, present, and future drone experiences! Learn about emergency procedures, risk mitigation, legal assessment management, and so much more! PLUS, there is more than one BONUS¬†video thrown into this course, including a practical guide on how to actually understand and use such things as an Aeronautical Chart (a giant, confusing map!)… so, have at it and enjoy the learning process!

Welcome, to the second course: Drone Flight Planning 101 – A Checklist Summary!

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