Diploma in Music Therapy – in an hour (+14 hours study!)


Diploma in Music Therapy – in an hour (+14 hours study!), Diploma in Music Therapy: Using Sound to Heal.

Course Description

This course is ONLY an hour long but there is a heavy emphasis on participation, student input, sharing of ideas and experiences so the course may actually be a whole lot longer!

The course begins with a brief introduction to music therapy and its benefits, followed by an overview of the theoretical frameworks that underpin music therapy. This includes an explanation of how music can be used to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. In particular there is an emphasis on the practical experience of one of the Instructors – an accomplished musician with qualifications in NLP and Music Therapy as well.

The majority of the course is devoted to demonstrating different techniques and approaches used in music therapy, such as improvisation, songwriting, and receptive listening. Each technique is explained in detail, along with examples of how they have been used successfully in real-life situations. The course also includes case studies of successful music therapy interventions and a discussion of the challenges and limitations of this form of therapy. This not a course that just sings tyhe praises of this form of therapy – there is a lecture on the downsides too.

The course concludes with a recap of the key points covered and an encouragement to seek further training or information if participants are interested in pursuing music therapy as a career or for personal use.

Overall, the goal of the course is to provide a basic understanding of music therapy and its potential benefits, while also highlighting some of the techniques and approaches used in this form of therapy.

Make sure you read the regular Educational Announcements and engage in discussions in the Q/A !

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