Design Process Futuristic Master Class TM


Design Process Futuristic Master Class TM, With Real Time Case Study and Case Method quickly implementable, over next 5 years and futuristic.

About the Master Class:

This course will teach you about the design process of learning with realtime case study of a system which is Newspaper delivery system.

Design philosophy:

As I used to say in my design courses, that design cannot be learned in the rot learning way or Text book learning way that you learn through a chapter and remember some formulas that will yield you some solutions. Design is unique and when different people approach the same we will get different solutions based on the inputs that designer works on.

So design can be approached in the way of learning through the case studies and by doing action on your own to learn yourself.

Learning by doing and learning by action.

Benefits of the master class:

  1. Understand the existing system of news paper delivery system and how to learn mapping the DATA in the system
  2. How to choose relevant stakeholders to interview and continue the research
  3. Find the unknown from the expert domains experts with IDEO methods like ask, observe, speak
  4. Mapping the leveraging points on the system to find the problems and making the case study of the same
  5. Finding the ideations and suitable solutions for the problems which is mapped
  6. How to do primary research and secondary research about the systems level problems like newspaper delivery system
  7. Range with various solutions like quickly implementable, over next 5 years and futuristic
  8. How to take Interesting videos and pictures how to record for certain system and research kind of design projects

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