Design of Retaining wall using PROKON & ASDIP & EXCEL


Design of Retaining wall using PROKON & ASDIP & EXCEL, Design of all types of Retaining Wall.

hi in this course you will learn how to design a Retaining wall using PROKON and ASDIP  & Excel

No experience is needed. you will learn everything you need to know

Each video will give you information on how to be flexible with software and how to deal with any results

PROKON software comprises over 40 modules in the following categories:

  • Analysis: Three-dimensional frame and finite element analysis.
  • Steel: Structural steel member and connection design.
  • Concrete: Reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete member design.
  • Composite: Composite steel and concrete member design.
  • Detailing: Rebar detailing and bending schedule generation.
  • Timber: Wood frame and truss design.
  • Masonry: Unreinforced masonry member design.
  • General: Section properties calculation and other building analysis utilities.
  • Geotechnical: Slope stability and bearing capacity analysis.

The software includes full support for British, European, and South African design codes, with some modules also supporting North American, Australian, New Zealand, Russian, and selected Asian design codes.

in this course I will give an idea of how to design a Retaining wall, this design will be from a to z or we can say from zero to hero

so this will help so much to understand how to make a design using software

The outcome of course :

  1. how to be flexible with PROKON and ASDIP
  2. how to input  Data

What you’ll learn

  • Design of cantilever retaining wall
  • Design of simply supported retaining wall
  • Design of counterfort retaining wall

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