Cultivate Self-Love


Cultivate Self-Love, Learn to Love Yourself because it’s easy and delicious! Develop self-love to become happy with being yourself.

Course Description

Yes, you can learn to love yourself. Even when times are hard. Even when you’re (actually secretely) hating or judging yourself.

Loving yourself will make you appreciate the fact that you’re spending your life with none other than yourself. It makes your heart feel soft and alive. Self-love will increase your happiness, and it will improve your relationships with others too.

At the end of this free self-love course you’l be able to:

– Talk to yourself in a loving way

– Support yourself lovingly during difficult situations

– Love the unloving part of yourself

– Ask your heart what more it needs to feel really loved by you

– For whomever feels it’s relevant for them, I also answer the question: “What if I’m afraid to start loving myself?”

This free self-love course includes lectures, a meditation / reflection exercise, and as a bonus: self-love affirmations.

I wish for you to feel happy to be yourself with yourself. That is the miracle of self-love that you can start to allow into your life today. No worries, I’ll coach you through it!

This free self-love course ia a short course that you can complete in just 1 hour, or as much time as 7, 30 days, or just however much you like!

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