Create a Rental or Booking Marketplace with WordPress


Create a Rental or Booking Marketplace with WordPress, Learn how to build a booking or rental website for any niche without coding skills using WordPress.

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to create a booking or rental website for any niche without coding skills using WordPress. Whether you want to create a real estate booking website or a rental marketplace of equipment, you’ll be able to do this by following all the steps in this course.

We tried to make lessons as clear as possible, so you don’t need WordPress development experience to take this course. We will walk you through all the steps of creating a booking marketplace with WordPress, from the initial installation and adding listing categories to customizing the website design and improving its performance.

In the course videos, we will show you how to set up your website for different types of bookings like daily, nightly, and time-based ones. This way you can easily customize the website functionality according to your website niche and requirements. Also, we will explain how to monetize your booking platform in a few ways, such as charging users for adding listings or taking a commission on every booking.

This course is useful for anyone looking to create their own booking website or rental marketplace of various products and services, such as Airbnb, Grover, or Spinlister.

Have fun and build something awesome!

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