Corporate Lifestyle and Leadership lessons from Mythology


Corporate Lifestyle and Leadership lessons from Mythology, Management lessons for Developing Leaders, Leading Teams & Personal Improvement.

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I am sure, you might attended many courses on ‘How to make the most of your professional career’ or ‘How to be an effective Leader’ and so on…but you wouldn’t have seen a course like this that explains all the Corporate learnings with simple and easy to understand examples from the epic Ramayan.

So over the next 1+ hour or so, I’m going to do my best to break down some of the core ideas, the practices and the principles of Corporate Lifestyle and Leadership through Ramayana so that we can fundamentally understand and implement and not just possess the knowledge about them.

Most of the time during our corporate life journey we try to learn and memorize the information but when it comes to the implementation of those learnings, we fail to understand and apply those learnings in our daily life!

Thus we fail to understand what and why we’re learning. It’s about us developing ourselves and our self-awareness so that we fundamentally become more effective leaders.

Knowledge about our epics like Ramayan would get so far, but it’s the deep understanding that allows us to complete our corporate journeys!

At the end, we will talk about personal growth, professional career development and how to be an effective leader!

We will also make note of an important professional and personal advice that we must always keep in our mind.

I believe there is a lot to learn from our past, our epics. we’re always presented with new ideas, new concepts, new philosophies, new perspectives but if combine it with the learnings from our epics like Ramayan, we can bring a big shift in the way we think and act…

And this ultimately would impact our state and how we experience life on daily basis. I have also talked about all this in detail in my book- Ravana A mistaken king, an unmistaken leader.

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