Conflict Resolution, Wish to lead? Learn Conflict Resolution!

Conflict resolution is a key leadership skill.

The course provides strategies through which you`ll be able to:

Avoid unnecessary conflicts

Manage conflicts

Resolve conflicts

Divert energies toward right direction

Health care related examples are used to provide clarity of concepts, however, the techniques are applicable to all professionals of different industries. The learning also has a high application in personal life scenarios

Content includes 7 video lessons each followed by a QUIZ to reinstate the learning.

Here is a sneak peak at the content:

-Understanding Conflicts and the situations leading to them

-Importance of addressing conflicts

-The biggest myth of conflict management

Constructive vs Destructive tool. Biggest eye opener

-Key skills required to be developed to be better at conflict resolution/leadership

-The 4 strategies for conflict resolution

-The simplest strategy and summary to reinstate the learning

Upon completion of the course the learner will be able to answer questions like:

In what situations do you typically see a conflict?

What is the psychological impact of unresolved conflict?

Why conflicts are essential for an individual`s growth?

Why conflicts are essential for an organization`s growth?

How do group decisions improve due to conflicts?

The learner will also gain insights into the below strategies:

-Invent new options-Problem solving

-Separate people from the problem

-Establish objective criterion

-Focus on interests and not positions

Moreover, the learner will get thorough understanding of the “Constructive vs Destructive” tool

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