Complete Algorithmic Trading Course – Forex, Stocks, Crypto


Complete Algorithmic Trading Course – Forex, Stocks, CryptoAlgorithmic Trading Masterclass – Learn Forex Trading – Stock Trading – Quantitative Finance – MQL – Cryptocurrency.

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Complete Algorithmic Trading Course – Forex, Stocks, Crypto

Algorithmic Trading Masterclass – Learn Forex Trading – Stock Trading – Quantitative Finance – MQL – Cryptocurrency

Would you like to participate in the Crypto Market, the Stock Market, or the Forex Market but have no idea where to start?

Welcome to the Complete Algorithmic Trading Course, which will give you 9 Ready-to-use Trading Robots.

Algorithmic trading just got easier with this course because no programming or trading experience is needed!

What will you learn in this Algorithmic Trading Course?

  • What is Algorithmic Trading, and why it’s better than Manual trading
  • How to test Robots on Virtual accounts without any risk
  • MetaTrader 4 platform as the most trustees platform for algorithmic trading
  • 3 Tested Strategies for Forex Trading
  • 3 Tested Strategies for Crypto Trading
  • 3 Tested Strategies for Stock Trading

Algorithmic trading is complicated indeed because you need to learn Forex trading. You need to know how Stock Trading works. Especially if you wish to do Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading, it becomes a complete mess. Plus, it would help if you learned MQL to code the strategies into Robots.

With this course, you won’t need to learn trading or programming. We will show you how to trade the Robots that we trade with.

You will get 3 Robots as a BONUS for each:

  • Forex Trading
  • Stock Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trading

More, you will learn how the strategies behind these Robots work. Where exactly do the trades open and close the positions, and for what reasons.

There is nothing hidden. You will receive the Robots code so you can examine and learn from it if you are a developer.

Keep in mind that when we do Algorithmic Trading, there is never a guarantee that Robots will continue profiting in the Future. Even we have profits until the moment, and we tested the strategies.

During this Algorithmic Trading Course, you will learn how to test those Robots on virtual accounts so you won’t be risking real money. And trading with a Demo account is beneficial because it’s a pure simulation of real trading. This way, you will build realistic expectations and test the strategies and the Robots by yourself.

By the end of this Algorithmic Trading course, you will feel comfortable trading with Robots on the Forex market, the Stock market, and the Crypto market.

And why do we trade with many Robots and not just one?

This way, we achieve Risk-diversification. If you have some experience in trading, you will know that every strategy has profitable and losing trades. Of course, we always look for strategies that have more winning trades. And when one of the Robots hits on a losing trade, the others will compensate for it. This is the risk-diversification.

And with this Algorithmic Trading Course, you will achieve more considerable diversification because you are not just trading different forex pairs, coins, or stocks. You will be trading with different Robots on 9 different markets.

If you are ready to start your Algorithmic Trading journey, let’s get into it!

TJ and Petko A

This course is designed to be helpful for students looking for expertise in the following areas:



Quantitative Finance

Trading Bot

Algo Trading

Forex Trading

Algorithm Trading

Algorithmic Trading

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