Coding Interview Questions on Binary Tree


Coding Interview Questions on Binary Tree, Learn fundamental logic (algorithms & data structures) for solving coding questions for tech jobs in software industry.

Course Description

Binary Tree is one of the most important concept in coding questions and serves as the foundation for many advanced coding questions. If you don’t understand the fundamental logic of solving Binary Tree problems then you will always be afraid of facing coding questions in any interview since these questions can be asked during any tech jobs interview.

Apart from teaching fundamental logic for solving Binary Tree problems in this course I am also teaching you some of the basic problems in Binary Tree and how other problems can be solved easily by deriving the solution from basic problems.

The best way to learn this course is to follow the course structure as it is and not skip or jump lectures. This is a fun course and by the end of this course you would have better understanding of what a Binary Tree is and how to solve questions based on them.

The questions included are based on topics such as –

– Binary Tree

– Binary Search Tree (BST)

– Lowest Common Ancestor in a binary tree and BST

– Find distance between two nodes in a binary tree

– Invert a binary tree, Depth First Search (DFS)

– Tree traversals: Pre-order, In-order, Post-order

– Breadth First Search (BFS)

– Binary Search

– Binary Search on a nearly sorted array (not fully sorted)

– Balanced brackets

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