Circle of Success, Come find your strengths and use it in all areas of your life to make your life better.

Course Description

Circle of Success

This course is a personal self development tool to help people examine all areas of their lives with the intention  to balance all areas of our lives by finding out which areas are being neglected and which areas are strong.

When we aren’t reaching our potential in one or more life areas, feelings or frustration and discontent will arise and by looking  at each area of our life we can find out which area is strong and weak in the big picture. This exercise will give you a snapshot view of your entire life and help you balance and manage all aspects of your life.

The circle of success has roots in Bhuddism from 1000 years back and though it is a simple technique, it will yield profound results for you. It is a great way to fulfil your purpose and accomplish your goals in a holistic way and ensures you are focused and balanced and shows you how different parts of your life are working together. The goal is not to aim for a perfect 10 in each area but to recognise if a particular theme needs attention and development because its misappropriation affects distracts or hinders your progress.

Course curriculum covers the following :-

1. What is success?

2. Success models

3. Myth of success

4. The circle of success

5. Physical Self

6. Spiritual Self

7. Relationships

8. Financial

9. Fun and personal growth


11. Professional

12. Legacy

13. Looking at the big picture

14. Strength Analysis

15. Power words

16. Questions to ask

17. Circle of success journal

Come learn how to effectively evaluate your life and use your strengths to improve your life whilst working on your weak areas as a challenge.

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