(CIP) Customer Identification Program For beginners


(CIP) Customer Identification Program For beginners, Anti-Money Laundering/KYC/CDD/Customer identification program.

Course Description


By the end of this course, You would be able to

Understand Customer identification program requirements.

Importance of complying with CIP requirements for U.S financial institutions.

CIP elements (written program, record keeping, etc..).

Ways to collect and verify these elements.

Different between Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence and CIP.


As a compliance professional it’s crucial to show interviewers that you define and give explanation for CIP requirements and being able to distinguish differences between CIP and other KYC/CDD requirements.


Ultimate goal is to leave a good impression, pass the interview and finally get the job offer.

What would separate me from other courses in the same field?!

  • This course is designed to respond to your needs as fresh grad or a professional who wants to explore the compliance/AML world. It’s completely beginner friendly so people with no prior experience are welcomed.
  • Knowledge test which has multiple choice questions to solidify your understanding of the subject.
  • Material provided on a form of Interactive Power Point.
  • External tasks where you are going to be required to search on open source websites.
  • Continuous updates to the videos to ensure the latest updates are included.

Thanks I wish the best comes your way.

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