Childhood Trauma Healing Inner child work Meditation Course


Childhood Trauma Healing Inner child work Meditation Course, Spiritual healing, addiction recovery, love therapy, Toxic relationship coping, energy healing, self-love, mental health.

Course Description

Your inner child is the base of your creativity and expression. It is the carefree spirit to love, explore and have fun. When your inner child is healthy and feeling protected, you feel easy to express yourself. However, not everyone had a happy childhood, you may experience neglect, trauma, and deep emotional pain from criticism.

In this course, we will first have a coaching session to let go of any anger & resentment. It is easy for a child to take on burdens and feel anger when things did not go well during childhood. We will let that go. After that, we will do a deep inner child integration process. We reconcile with any parts that felt neglected or abandoned. We reconcile within ourselves and give the parts love and nurture.

Then we will do a simple but powerful meditation, the mirror work. We look into our eyes, talk to our inner child, and give complete attention with love and acceptance. This seems like an easy task but very powerful. Take your time to feel your emotions

In this course we will

  • Have a personal coaching session
  • Heal deep-seated anger and resentment
  • Integrate all parts of the childhood
  • Restore childhood trauma
  • Let go of the past
  • Get rid of old pains & hurts
  • Allow yourself to be seen & heard
  • Unconditionally love & embrace yourself
  • Accept yourself completely
  • Cultivate deep self-love
  • Create a new life with your inner child
  • Transform your life
  • Effortless healing
  • And much more

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