Cancer and Sleep Participation with Emphasis on Lymphedema


Cancer and Sleep Participation with Emphasis on Lymphedema, Doctoral Capstone Presentation.

Course Description

Hello, and welcome to my Udemy Course!

In this course you will learn about cancer and sleep participation, occupational therapy’s role in sleep participation, as well as an emphasis on lymphedema. This Udemy course consists of lectures, resources, and several research articles to support this topic of cancer and sleep. The various resources provided within the lectures are downloadable for you to use at your convenience to help support further learning in this topic area. Towards the end of this presentation, there is a brief question and answer section for you to test your knowledge gained following listening to this Udemy course. This course is 36 minutes long; however, it may take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get through the entire course after viewing all downloadable resources/materials provided. The development of this course is based on research, evidence-based practices, and clinical experience. At the end of this presentation, there are various APA style references to aid in furthering your knowledge in this topic area.

Enjoy this course and feel free to message the instructor with any questions related to the topic of this presentation. Thank you for viewing this course, and I hope it was beneficial in your learning.

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