Caligrafy – PHP meets Vue.js


Caligrafy – PHP meets Vue.js, Build dynamic web applications using PHP and Vue.js.

Caligrafy is a modern MVC framework that leverages the powerful technologies that fuel each of the M (Model), the V (View) and the C (Controller). Vue JS is a modern and progressive Javascript framework that has been built from the ground up just like Caligrafy. Vue JS empowers you to create powerful and sophisticated Views. This framework integrates seamlessly with Vue JS to combine the best of PHP with the best of JS.

This is an outstanding course that will show you how to bridge the power of server-side frameworks such as Caligrafy with the sophistication of client-side frameworks such as Vue JS to create delightful web experiences.

Course Structure

  • Video Lectures: Lectures are video recordings that show practical examples about each topic of the course outline.
  • Lecture References: Every lecture will have links to slides and material references that will be available in the “Resources” section of the lecture

Important Resources for this course

  • Most of the video lectures will show examples using a Mac. The written lectures will provide instructions for both PC and Macs.
  • Command Line: We will need a command line terminal for this course. We will learn the basic commands needed for this course
  • Code Editor: There is no specific code editor for this course. You could use VSCode, Brackets, Sublime, PHPStorm, Komodo Edit or any other.
  • Github: All the course material, code and exercises are hosted and on github
  • Composer: Composer is a packager for PHP. In this course, you will learn to set it up and use it to unpack Caligrafy and its dependencies

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