Brilliant fiction endings.


Brilliant fiction endings., Finish your writing with the right bang.

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Endings are important. Endings to stories determine whether or not a reader will be satisfied, thrilled, delighted or emotional as your story ends or if they will feel cheated or irritated after investing time and money on the story that started so well.

In this short course I have focused on six types of endings to fictional stories. Some of these six categories have sub categories. Being aware of all the ways a story can end is empowering for writers and can help when the ending isn’t clear.

You will discover how to give your fiction the ending it deserves by considering those options available to you. Knowledge of the potential endings you could use will ensure that you are able to end a piece of work with the wow factor you injected into the beginning. Understanding the impact of different endings will help you to develop and end to a story that will satisfy your readers and leave them hungry for your next episode, story or book.

Planning one or more endings for a story will develop your writing skills – a lot of the time wrestling with ideas and brainstorming are what improve your range.

There are six writing exercises that will give you practice and further develop your skills. Carrying out practical activities goes a long way to ensure retention of information.

By considering the ending of a story as much as you consider the beginning you will be set to produce dazzling and memorable written work.

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