Brazilian Body System: Gain Lean Muscle and Lose Weight


Brazilian Body System: Gain Lean Muscle and Lose Weight, Build Athletic Muscle, Lose Weight, Without Weights or Gym Machines.

Course Description

Brazilian Body System is the #1 approach to weight loss, combining:

+mental strategies

+athletic nutrition

+health coaching

+cutting edge personal training

+Variations for all fitness levels

I will personally walk you through my fitness journey step by step, teaching you expert strategies used by psychologists and athletes. After completing my system, you will be physically transformed.

After this course, you will experience

  • Smoother movement, better posture, and knowledge of lifting technique
  • How to move with greater mobility
  • Have a more functionally strong body
  • An understanding of how to set and achieve fitness goals
  • Better muscular endurance

and much more!

Story behind the Brazilian Body System.

I spent 10 years of my life struggling with my weight both as an amateur wrestler and student of boxing. Despite having a degree in psychology and researching every possible diet, I know that staying lean and healthy is tough, no matter how much you train. But after spending the last 5 years training in Latin America, I have made some serious realizations about how to get the body of your dreams.

Based on everything I have learned, I want to share my realization with the rest of the world, and I will reveal everything from successful diets, psychology, and training.

From Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, and personal training, I have compile the most effective movements that will physically transform your body, even from the comfort of your living room.

Working alongside elite coaches and fitness professionals in Brazil, I have designed a lifestyle that incorporates mental strategies and an easy to follow diet that not only transforms athletes and models, but will leave you feeling energized and confident with your body.

So if you are ready for a positive transformation, I am here to guide you step-by-step along the way, teaching you simple strategies you can incorporate right away.

Training and living throughout Latin America, and the USA has taught me not only about being healthy with what you have around you, but also to share with others who may not have the opportunity to quit their 9-5, book a one-way ticket, and start living in Brazil.

That is why I have created this course. So I can teach you what I have learned.

I’ll see you soon.

My name Is Gamliel Sassoon, and this is the Brazilian Body system.

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