Blazor Basics


Blazor Basics, Create Blazor Server Applications using ASP.Net Core and Blazor.

Course Description

In this course, we will learn to create Blazor Server Applications using ASP.Net Core and Blazor

Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed of reusable web UI components implemented using C#, HTML, and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C#, allowing you to share code and libraries.

Blazor is a feature of ASP.NET, the popular web development framework that extends the .NET developer platform with tools and libraries for building web apps.

Blazor can run your client-side C# code directly in the browser, using WebAssembly. Because it’s real .NET running on WebAssembly, you can re-use code and libraries from server-side parts of your application.

Blazor uses open web standards without plug-ins or code transpilation. Blazor works in all modern web browsers, including mobile browsers.

Your C# code can easily call JavaScript APIs and libraries. You can continue to use the large ecosystem of JavaScript libraries that exist for client-side UI while writing your logic in C#.

When using server-side code execution, Blazor takes care of seamlessly executing any JavaScript code on the client.

The course comprises of following topics

  1. Introduction to Blazor
  2. Introduction to Blazor Server Applications
  3. File Folder Structure
  4. Setup and Database
  5. Scaffolding and Data Access
  6. CRUD Operations
  7. Form Validations
  8. Conclusion

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