BITCOIN – A BUSINESS CASE, Take your first step to learning about Crypto currencies.

Course Description

Fidelity, one of the world’s largest asset managers, with Trillions of Dollars under management, has come out several times in the press and stated that one Bitcoin could be worth $100 Million or more by 2035 (Source referenced in the programme notes). At the time of this course creation, this is 13 years away.

In this course, we are going to dissect the Business Case of Bitcoin and try and understand how such a large investment firm came up with what seems like a “crazy” price prediction.

To understand how Fidelity calculated this estimate, one must first understand how the fundamentals of Bitcoin governance work and more specifically its supply and so we will share key knowledge, facts and information to establish the grounds on which Fidelity have based their forecast.

The learning journey using this case study will give participants a solid basic understanding of what Bitcoin is and how the Blockhain works. We will look at aspects of the demand, supply and price of Bitcoin and provide opportuities for particpants to validate their learning through 3 Quizzes. At the end of this course particpants should be able to draw their own conclusions as to the validity of the fidelity claims and also build out their knowledge of this new financial asset class.

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