Become an AI Accelerated Engineer Using ChatGPT


Become an AI Accelerated Engineer Using ChatGPT, Boost Productivity & Advance Your Engineering Career with ChatGPT by becoming an AI Accelerated Engineer.

Course Description

Become an AI Accelerated Engineer Using ChatGPT

Join ClanX’s exciting course designed for engineers who want to get ahead in their careers using ChatGPT. This course is great for engineers at all levels, whether you’re just starting out, looking to move up, or wanting to be a tech leader.

What’s in the Course:

1. Getting Started: You’ll begin by learning what the course is about and meeting your instructor, Mandar.

2. Learning to Use ChatGPT for Coding: You’ll explore how to give ChatGPT the right instructions for coding and get hands-on experience.

3. Making Your Own AI Coding Projects: Learn how to decide what your project will do, use online tools (APIs), and put everything together using a tool called Next.js.

4. Improving Your Coding Skills: You’ll get better at analyzing data, fixing coding bugs, and writing better code with ChatGPT’s help.
5. Designing Web Pages with AI: Discover how to create web pages using ChatGPT, solve design problems, and make your pages look better.

What You Will Learn

  1. Basic and advanced ideas about giving ChatGPT the right instructions for coding.
  2. How to make coding projects easier and more efficient with AI.
  3. Skills in using online tools and understanding their responses.
  4. Basics and more about Next.js for building great projects.
  5. Creating and improving web pages and coding using AI.

Who this course is for:

  • New engineers just starting out.
  • Experienced engineers looking to advance.
  • Tech leaders aiming for bigger roles.

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