Basic Personal Finance: Budgeting & Cash Flow Projection


Basic Personal Finance: Budgeting & Cash Flow Projection, 21 days Financial Challenge: COVID-19 Relief Cash Flow Budgeting with worksheets 2021.

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Freelancers Survival Guide – Project your future financial story

I urgently made this video to support my friends and community. Hope this video course would help many people. How to cope with COVID-19 coronavirus to survive your business

21 days Financial Challenge:
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Welcome to my change your life in 21 days series – COVID-19 Relief Cash Flow Budgeting Video Course.

Hi My name is Yukiko Sato. I am a zero-waste expert based in NYC and founder of SnowSugar Video and TeSage Dream Solutions. I started my career as a professional wardrobe stylist. Now I help other self-employed persons who make a living doing what they love to make better decisions about their financial goals. The original idea of this video course was to share my financial story of how I plan to get out of business debt. Because of this coronavirus emergency situation, most people face a cash flow issue. I have adjusted the course to help everyone to benefit and to make a future financial plan. In the current situation, your income may be sporadic or unpredictable, but your expenses will never go away. You worry that you may not have enough cash to pay the bills when they come due. What you will learn from this video course I will share the process that you can use to manage your cash flow and take control over your financial life.

Lesson 1: Knowing your financials First, I am talking about knowing your financial situation which is a very important step to understanding your financial data and plan for the future.

Lesson 2: Reducing your expenses Second, I will cover some methods of how to reduce your expenses and track your bills in a worksheet. That helps you to stay organized.

Lesson 3: Increasing your Income Third, I will share some tips including my story of how to increase your income and work from home.

Lesson 4: Projecting your cash flow Lastly, Projecting your cash flow, you can predict if you will have more or less cash than needed and how to smooth out the peaks and valleys. Because I experienced the burst bubble economy in Japan, the dotcom bubble burst, the 9.11 recession, and the great recession 2008, my financial stories may help you to cope with your anxiety.

Most people are not comfortable working with numbers and spreadsheets. So, I created an easy worksheet for you to fill out step by step. By the time you are done, you will see the organized financial story that makes you feel relief. No worries if you are prepared. So, please close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then start my video course, one lesson at the time. Please believe in yourself and your future will be brighter.

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