Baby Care: Best Newborn baby care training 0-3 months old


Baby Care: Best Newborn baby care training for 0-3 months old, best baby care tutorial for new parents.

How often have you heard “don’t worry, you’ll know exactly what to do” as an expecting parent? As much as we’d like that saying to be true, the vast majority of the time it’s just not that way. Things like diapering, and pinpointing exactly why your baby is crying again aren’t hardwired into your brain the moment your little one arrives.

Parenting a newborn is a learned skill; you either learn it through experience or by being taught. Learning through experience most often means weeks (if not months) of trial and error and, unfortunately, frustration. Thankfully, you can minimize that frustration and speed up the learning process if someone teaches you how to take care of your new addition—even before they arrive. Let’s face it, we’d love it if babies came with a how-to guide. But since they don’t, infant care classes are the next best thing.

Looking for a literal how-to guide for your newborn? Meet the aptly named Baby care class. Through a series of instructional videos that include tips from physicians, childcare experts, and experienced parents alike, the Baby class walks you through all the basics to help with everything from day one through the early weeks:

  • Bringing baby home from the hospital
  • Early weeks overview
  • Breastfeeding
  • Diapering & bathing
  • Reducing crying
  • Sleep
  • How to have fun with baby
  • How to go out and about with baby
  • Finding childcare
  • Adjusting to parenthood and lifestyle changes

Each video includes a summary of key points at the end to reinforce everything you’ve just learned.

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