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ASP.NET MVC Web Development, Learn Web and Apps Development with ASP.NET MVC, C#, Signal-R and ADO.NET.

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Welcome to the online training on ASP.Net. This is the training for all those who want to know what ASP.Net is all about.

Asp.Net is a development structure for building web sites and dynamic web pages with HTML, CSS, Javascript & server scripting. This training on ASP.Net is for all those who want to know what ASP.Net is all about. Various Topics that you will learn in this training is View State & Validator Controls, Event Handling & Server Controls and Data Source & Binding.

This comprehensive training on ASP.Net will also enable you to learn about ASP.Net basics, environment, lifecycle & example. You will also get to learn about ASP.Net ADO.Net , ASP.Net AdRotator, Calendar, Multi Views,  AJAX, Panel, custom user controls, error handling, debugging, security. In the end of the chapter you will be also learning about ASP.Net Caching, ASP.Net Web Services and ASP.Net Multithreading. You will also get to learn about ASP.Net Configuration and ASP.Net Deployment.

An ASP.NET is one of a development framework for building web pages and web sites by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript etc. It supports three different development models:

i) Web-pages

ii) MVC (Model View Controller)

iii) Web Forms

The ASP.NET MVC is an open source web application framework which implements the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern.

The Model represents the application for instance a list of database records.

The View displays the data means that of database records.

The Controller handles the input to the database records.

The MVC separation helps you to handle complex applications, because you can focus on one aspect a time. For example, you can target on the view without depending on the business logic which also makes it easier to test an application.

The MVC separation also clarifies group development. Distinct developers can work on the view, the controller logic, and the business logic in parallel.

ASP.NET MVC framework is a lightweight, highly testable presentation framework which is integrated with existing ASP.NET features. Some of these integrated features are master pages and membership-based authentication. The MVC framework is describe in the System.

The ASP.NET MVC Framework sets the models, views, and controllers using interface-based contracts, with allowing each component to be tested independently.

MVC is a standard design pattern which is familiar with many developers. Some types of Web applications will use from the MVC framework.

The MVC pattern helps you to create applications which separate the different form of the application such as input logic, business logic and UI logic, while providing a loose coupling between these elements.

UI logic refers in the view, input logic belongs in the controller and business logic belongs in the model. This separation helps to manage complexity when you build an application. As we can say that, you can focus on the view without depending on the business logic.

To managing complexity, the MVC pattern prepares it easier to test applications than it is to test a Web Forms-based ASP.NET Web application. For example, within a Web Forms-based ASP.NET Web application, a single class is used both to display output and to respond to user input.

Writing automated tests for Web Forms-based ASP.NET applications can be complex.

Why ASP.NET MVC Training is required?

ASP.NET MVC is one of the powerful and an effective framework for building maintainable and scalable web applications.

It represents a big change for web developers using the Microsoft platform.

This ASP.NET MVC program shows how to create a model, how to execute controller logic and interact with models via views.

Our training program helps you to understand the basic or foundational ideas behind ASP.NET MVC so you can effectively use this framework.

We start with the basics of creating a new ASP.NET MVC project, rendering web pages and also creating a simple data-entry application.

ASP.NET MVC programs provide students the chance to practice with applications so training is necessary.

This training program covers all basic and advance concepts such as adding references, setting up DI container and starting with the application, preparing database, displaying list of products, adding pagination and styling etc.

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