Art of Leadership: Authentic Influence & Leading from Within


Art of Leadership: Authentic Influence & Leading from Within, Harnessing Neuroleadership: Strategic Insights for Brain-Inspired Leadership Effectiveness.

Course Description

Welcome to “Art of Leadership: Building Influence Through Inner Growth” where your journey to transformational leadership begins!

Discover the art of motivating and engaging people under the guidance of Marc, an international executive coach and psychologist with over three decades of experience. Having worked with renowned global corporations like Danone, IKEA, and Philips, Marc brings a wealth of real-world insights to this comprehensive course.

This program is born from the principles laid out in Marc’s influential book, “Mind Growing Leadership”. Unlike typical leadership courses that focus on surface-level skills, this course delves deep, linking your inner beliefs, values, and emotions to the outward expressions and impacts of your leadership. Here, you embark on an in-depth exploration of self that promises not just growth but profound transformation.

Throughout this course, Marc will guide you through a series of reflective assignments and engaging materials designed to challenge your perceptions and enhance your leadership capabilities. You will learn to craft an engaging vision that truly resonates with your team and aligns with your deepest values. Moreover, Marc’s expertise in neuroleadership will help you navigate the complex challenges of modern leadership, focusing your efforts where they can make the most significant impact.

Ideal for those seeking to strengthen their leadership skills in any sphere of life or work, this course requires a commitment to self-work and openness to change. By its conclusion, you will be equipped to not only envision but actualize a leadership style that is both effective and authentically yours.

Join Marc in this transformative experience and redefine what it means to lead with passion and purpose. Enroll today and start shaping your future as a leader who inspires and achieves.

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